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Freak Music is a professional music resources label from Poland, formed in 2015. Our main idea is to make music more beautiful and harmonic. We make everything for music producers. The best samples are flexible samples – clear and pure, always in the best quality, always low prices, always on bestseller lists. We will do our best to bring you 100% useful content.

Our products are: samples, music libraries, loops, construction kits, templates, soundbanks for VSTi instruments, midi sequences and  lots of other stuff for producers, beat makers and creators.

If you’re a music producer, open our Products list to browse top quality resources, find your favorite store and get the best price for your choice. A roll of Testimonials will instantly help you choose the best.

Take a look at Stores page, where you can find stores we’re releasing at. Find your favorite and enjoy the quality of chilling sounds. We are here for you. Because of you. Support the legal source.

Also we’re working with few distribution channels. Don’t forget to visit our Free Sounds page, where we bring you totally free and 100% royalty-free sounds. If you have a store or you’re going to make a new one, please contact us. We always look for distributors.

e-mail: studio (at) freakmusic.pl
tel.: (+48) 510 546 986

If you have a question or you're interested in collaboration