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Euphoric Risers ($11.95)


Freak Music presents the „Euphoric Risers” – a collection of 205 up-rising and down-falling FX samples. This pack contains everything you need to fill your track with professional FXes. Just pure and clear sounds, without any „fillers”. All files are compressed and EQ’d, so only thing you have to do is drag&drop. Fits in every EDM genre. Now you don’t have to create FXes yourself.





Down-Falling FXes:

  • 44 long
  • 38 medium
  • 17 short

Up-Rising FXes:

  • 34 long
  • 42 medium
  • 30 short


  • 434 MB of content
  • 24-bit WAV files
  • Easy to use
  • Compressed and EQ’d
  • Total number of sounds: 205


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