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Cody by Freak Music – played live at Symmetry Music Academy, LA

Making a Sketch Using Euphoric Risers – FX Samples by Freak Music

Free Hardtyle Elements at FL Studio Music

Freak Music Trap Reloaded & Free Trap 808 Kicks at Rekkerd.org

Vocal Trap Melodies – MIDIs, samples & template for Ableton Live 8 at Rekkerd.org

„Liquid Claps are the bomb! Adds another dimension to any production!” 5/5 – Liquid Claps Bundle

– Mark J.

„Amazing sample pack!” 5/5 – Conceptive

– Randy T.

„Super combination.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production Mega Bundle

– Mohamed C.

„Liquid Percussive Goodness. Great selection of claps and percussion combined with sound effects. Makes tracks much more interesting!” 5/5 – Liquid Claps Bundle

– Colin S.

„Wild and crazy, but awesome. Awesome MIDI and WAV loops.” 5/5 – Fifty Shades of Trap

– Larry B.

„MIDI lines are well crafted! Just purchased it! Seems like the MIDI lines are well crafted. Look forward to playing around some more with it!” 4/5 – Chilled MIDI Lines

– Steve K.

„Nice presets. Helps me to create dope sounds. Love it!” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– Philip S.

„Used it as background atmosphere on a project. Nice!” 4/5 – Vocal Chants

– Daniel StPierre

„Great addition to my sample library. Looking forward to create something amazing.” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– Tracy H.

„Excellent sounds!!” 5/5 – Liquid Claps Bundle

– Anonymous

„Super chilling.” 5/5 – Flawless

– Mohamed C.

„Good product. The melodies.” 5/5 – Cedra

– Jose G.

„Great sounds.” 5/5 – Spire Chills

– Anonymous

„Fire.” 5/5 – Chillax

– Ashley

„So far I can work with these loops, great for getting some ideas when you are in a rut.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production

– Vince C.

„Great value. Great sounds and a great bundle. Thank you.” 4/5 – Chillstep Breathe

– Taylor B.

„Peace.” 5/5 – Cedra

– Joseph

„I like it.” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– Mohamed C.

„This is so smooth. Gonna love playing with these sounds.” 5/5 – Endless

– Highballslider

„Amazing. Lots of inspiration to your next track.” 4/5 – Chillstep Production 5

– Joel Frias

„Absolutely love. Quality sound.” 5/5 – Hip-Hop Box

– 1155 H.

„Good sounds. The samples are top quality.” 5/5 – Vocal Chants

– Adam L.

„First class.” 5/5 – Endless

– Joseph

„Great. Excellent quality.” 4/5 – Piano Kit

– Lorenzo A.

„Great loops and samples.” 5/5 – Ambient Tones

– Matthew Callahan

„Can’t complain at this price. Samples are well-produced and MIDI files are included. Just over 1GB in total.” 4/5 – Chillstep Production 4

– Pete C.

„Love this for inspiration.” 5/5 – CLXVDS

– Matthew Callahan

„I love it.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 4

– Slawomir G.

„Nice midi files.” 5/5 – Fifty Shades of Trap

– Daniel H.

„Soothing sounds. A nice collection of Ambient sounds, which can be useful form time to time.” 4/5 – Ambient Tones

– Iam E.

„Nice!” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– Kahlil S.

„Great.” 5/5 – Cloudy

– Allegro L.

„Sounds are great. Works really great, lots of choices to work with!” 5/5 – Mellow

– Warren S.

„Easy to use, some good loop samples.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 2

– Dave R.

„Good.” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– Dergham I.

„Great!” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– Alex L.

„Great sounds.” 5/5 – Spire Clouds

– Anonymous

„Let your mind flow into the darken abyss of the impeccable yet illusive sounds of the Dark Ambient that are bound to make your creativity travel into heavenly boundaries that you never had imagined your senses could experience before in you ventured into this realm of the Dark Ambient of a culture called Freak Music.” 5/5 – Dark Ambient

– Kevin

„Not bad.” 4/5 – Hip-Hop Box

– Kris C.

„I really love it.” 5/5 – Alive

– Slawomir G.

„Very handy single samples, nice recordings.” 5/5 – Chillstep Drums

– Matthew Callahan

„Euphoric Risers by Freak Music is full of high quality risers and fallers at various lengths sorted into folders. No matter how many risers and fallers you might already have, these samples are a nice addition to any producer’s toolbox.” 5/5 – Euphoric Risers

– Jacob Louis aka Antandra

„This pack helped me understand Trap patterns.” 4/5 – Fifty Shades of Trap

– Wesley Eason

„Load many or a few on a simple sampler and WOW.” 4/5 – Vocalise 2

– Wesley Eason

„Good pack.” 5/5 – NOIR


„This enlightening and exhilarating sounds are to keep you chilled and cool your creative palette during the hot summers. Though these vibrant samples are not to bring warmth to your soul before you let your creative spirit be free when enchanted with these embraced sounds.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 3

– Kevin

„I love the Sounds and Vibes in this pack! Lots of things I put to use right away!” 5/5 – DAGGER

– Dean K.

„Really nice sounds.” 5/5 – Piano Kit

– David M.

„Love this.” 5/5 – Athmo

– Matthew Callahan

„It was decent pack, found a few midi loops that was essential 4 the tracks I was making, thank you 4 the awesome music pack guys. I def buy some more in the future.” 4/5 – Promise

– Thomas H.

„Great one shots. Perfect way to build atmosphere.” 5/5 – Vocalise

– Patryk Kisiel

„So nice beats!! Impressive moving beats.” 5/5 – Elements

– Takayuki Kitamon

„Really helped me put some nice mixes together.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 3

– Christopher F.

„Very well put together with beautiful samples.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 4

– Christopher F.

„Quality product.” 4/5 – Chillstep Production 4

– Mark L.

„Pluck away all day!!! I am impressed with what I got for the price.” 5/5 – Plucks Act

– JM Richeson

„I bought this, because was on sale, but I would have payed full price!” 5/5 – Orchestrap

– JM Richeson

„I didn’t think you could make claps sound better and then I bought this pack. Just get it…” 5/5 – Liquid Claps 4

– Frank V.

„Okay presets.” 4/5 – Piano Kit

– Benoit B.

„Very nice indeed. Top sounds.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 2

– Sean

„Good work. No problems.” 5/5 – Mellow

– Jurgen L.

„Great pack. Quality sounds, inspiring!” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 3

– Sean

„Calmness is exactly what it says. Relaxing loops for ethereal and meditation like tracks. Great stuff.” 5/5 – Calmness

– Andrew G.

„Freak Music vocals move me.” 4/5 – Vocalise

– Wesley Eason

„Just what I was looking for producer wise to expand my arsenal! But I only have 1 artist out of 7 wiling to drop lyrics so that forces a 1 star deduction. But please buy this pack!!! It was truly an eye opening experience the play ground I was allowed to play on with this pack!! Buy Buy BUY!!” 4/5 – NOIR

– Chris J.

„Large variety of sounds.” 4/5 – Dream Pads For Spire

– Kieran M.

„Fully loaded. Great price for a decent vocal pack.” 5/5 – Vocal Reloaded

– James Melia

„Really useful pack. Instant music.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 2

– Bryan O.

„Good pack, full of inspiration for starting points in my own projects.” 4/5 – Chillstep Production 3

– Alan K.

„Nice vibes.” 5/5 – NOIR

– Vance L.

„Good loops. Very inspiring.” 5/5 – Chillax

– Stephen B.

„Well done. No problems.” 5/5 – Mellow

– Jurgen L.

„Loved it! Great!” 5/5 – Oxytocin

– Michael R.

„Great Value. Several good construction kits.” 5/5 – Chillstep Melodies

– Gregory B.

„These harmonious atmospheric vocals will brighten any melody that needs a vibrant touch to inspire anyone.” 5/5 – Vocalise

– Kevin B.

„These resounding spicy drums are perfect for ambient melodies that need a groove to make them pop.” 5/5 – Chillstep Drums

– Kevin B.

„Perfect chops.” 5/5 – Vocalise

– Chad

„These are vividly spellbound samples are terrific to give any ambient or chillout music that edge they are looking for in their music.” 5/5 – Chillstep Dreams

– Kevin B.

„Simple to use, the vocals are laid out note after note covering several octaves. Its Nice!!!” 5/5 – Vocalise

– Dee Russ

„It’s a nice back, it seems like it needs more upfront claps instead of more buildups.” 4/5 – Liquid Claps 3

– Dee Russ

„I was looking for another type of claps and found those, it changed my mind these are got me better result.” 5/5 – Liquid Claps 3

– Anthony G.

„Thanks for the price.” 5/5 – Liquid Claps 3

– Lawrence A.

„These Freaks get it… when it comes to ambience and chill to trap in a very unique way.” 4/5 – Vocal Reloaded

– Wesley Eason

„Nice.” 5/5 – Oxytocin

– Gary P.

„It was decent pack, found a few midi loops that was essential 4 the tracks I was making thank you 4 the awesome music pack guys I def buy some more in the future. Catchy sounds and rhythms.” 4/5 – Promise

– Kevin B.

„Good one.” 4/5 – Oxytocin

– Jason J.

„Great vocal pack great for all genre of music.” 5/5 – Bounce Vocals

– Joshua H.

„Refreshing sounds and song starters. This has chord progressions and nice sounds to inspire you and get you off and running. Found it easy to be creative with this. Once again, very satisfied with Freak Music and ADSR for making it available!” 5/5 – Alive

– Scott F.

„Original blend of modern moods, beats and piano. I found the piano and beats in this package originally different from the other sample packs. The piano and moods have a human feel to them. Even found myself composing and singing to one of the construction kits. Thanks Freak Music!” 4/5 – Chillstep Dreams

– Scott F.

„Good stuff for the price.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 2

– Tony S.

„What can I say? This pack speaks for itself.” 5/5 – Vocal Reloaded

– Anonymous

„Good for Pop music too!” 5/5 – Chillstep Production 2

– Andrew P.

„These are some good samples” 5/5 – Seven Bundle

– Henry

„Great.” 5/5 – Saxophonics

– Fabien L.

„Different stuff.” 5/5 – Saxophonics

– Reggie J.

„I used the samples in trap beats, was cool” 5/5 – Saxophonics

– Sam M.

„Great quality!” 5/5 – Vocal Reloaded

– Omar L.

„Thats a huge load of vocals” 5/5 – Vocal Reloaded

– Daniel L.

„Thanks” 5/5 – Touch

– Adrien J.

„Nice unusual sounds” 5/5 – Liquid Claps 2

– Michael B.

„Way better than I thought” 5/5 – Touch

– Ernie B.

„Will definetly be using some of those kits!” 5/5 – Touch

– Glen M.

„Nice stuff” 5/5 – Promise

– Brady H.

„Love it” 5/5 – Promise

– Benjamin N.

„I think it’s a good pack for producers.” 5/5 – Promise

– Lamont L.

„I was hooked on first listen. This is a sound pack with a soul. It instantly emotes feeling and a space. Great for inspiration. Very happy.” 5/5 – Touch

– Scott F.

„Very good kits w midi.” 5/5 – Chilltone

– Mark Givens

„Dope kit.” 5/5 – Fifty Shades of Trap

– Parry

„Inspiring. For me this sound collection really resonates. Very grateful for the people at Freak Music and ADSR for making this available. I hope it inspires others as well.” 5/5 – Spire Dreams

– Scott F.

„As a writer, arranger and producer, I look for things that inspire. Sonically these libraries have been inspiring lately. Fall and Winter and musical soundscapes.” 5/5 – Spire Dreams

– Scottro_Muso

„The melodies are just wicked Mayne. Well worth the buy.” 5/5 – Oxytocin

– Willy

„Good kit!” 5/5 – Touch

– Troy N.

„Useful. Good for Ambient sources. Stetchable, useful. Insprirng beats.” 4/5 – Oxytocin

– Michael G.

„Good! Sound is very gooddddd!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you 111” 5/5 – Ambient Tones


„Great Sample Pack! Amazing sounds – can see myself using sample pack for some time!” 5/5 – Trap Chords

– Ted C.

„Terrific!” 5/5 – Vocal Reloaded

– Kevin Bodnar

„Very good sounds. Very nice sounds for production.” 5/5 – DAGGER

– Terrence B.

„Good work.” 5/5 – Chillstep Production

– William Parry

„I am really satisfied with Late Nights.” 5/5 – Late Nights

– Nsia Auca

„Good festival trap music.” 5/5 – VYBE

– Anthony

„Super loaded pack. This pack is an amazing value for the money, first off the Ableton Live 10 Template worth the price alone. The mix is clean and it is loaded wit cool fresh ideas. The fact that you also get all of the presets and even more included is just a huge bonus.
5 Starts for sure! !”
5/5 – Chillstep Breathe

– Breakbeat Fan

„Helpful. The presets in this have great melodies and really cut down time in the studio!” 5/5 – Fifty Shades of Trap

– Hunter M.

„Always a trusted source for sound design items. Love these guys.” 5/5 – Hybrid Trap Nation

– Richard R.

„Good Stuff. I liked what was in here. It was definitely worth the sale price.” 4/5 – Chillstep Production

– Chance G.

„The black construction kit is an absolute beast.” 5/5 – NOIR

– Soma

„Very good loop kit with lots of varied loops ranging from 80-160BPM. Not a fan of construction kits so this is great!” 5/5 – Chillstep Calm

– Patrik

„Cool and useful pack. Very good price.” 5/5 – Vocal Chants

– Qtip

„Very good for the price!” 5/5 – Sensations

– Jayd

„The pack really inspired me to do some beats!!” 5/5 – Vocal Trap Melodies

– Nik

„Cool stuff!” 4/5 – Modern Trap Essentials

– TZSounds

„PERFECT. Fits perfectly in any song.” 5/5 – Vocal Trap Melodies

– Bennie S.

„5.” 5/5 – Free 808 Kicks

– Sachintha Lakpriya

„Excellent.” 5/5 – Spire Trap

– Anthony Limit

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